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Issey Miyake was more than a fashion designer; he was a creator, an artist and an inventor. Considered one of the most international Japanese designers, he knew how to create designs that stimulated imagination. Issey Miyake Parfums challenges rules and disrupts conventions through inspirational designs. They surprise with simplicity and trigger true emotions: “a journey to the essential”.

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The power of salt in a new men’s perfume

Le Sel d’Issey is the vibrant new masculine eau de toilette by Issey Miyake.
Abundant and translucent, water carries invisible, unseizable salt.
As water changes state and evaporates, the salt crystalizes, leaving its distinctive scent on the skin. The essence of salt brings flavour to life.
Feel alive, feel the energy. Le Sel d’Issey.
The power of salt.

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A fresh woody-marine fragrance

This fresh new fragrance, created by Quentin Bisch, is made with 95% natural origin ingredients, and 100% natural origin French alcohol. The salty polarity reveals a vibrant salt accord combining natural origin marine seaweed and natural origin oak moss. The earthy polarity is infused with intense woody notes of natural sand vetiver and upcycled cedarwood.

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A salt-inspired perfume bottle

Designed by Tokujin Yoshioka, Le Sel d’Issey features a pure aesthetic, embodying the energy of salt.
Revealing the light gray fragrance within, the transparent bottle is made with 20% recycled glass. The box is made — for the first time — from 10% upcycled natural seaweed, along with material from well-managed, FSC™ certified forests and other controlled sources.

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Discover Le Sel d’Issey the new refillable and vegan perfume by Issey Miyake, harnessing the power of salt, enhanced by intense sand vetiver and cedarwood.

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