Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa
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At the heart of Nestlé creamy, smooth chocolate is sustainably sourced cocoa. Discover a chocolate brand that does good* and tastes great.
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*Working with the Rainforest Alliance to support cocoa farmers & their communities.


Charlotte has harnessed the expertise of world-renowned perfumers – some of the best noses in the world – neuroscience, cutting-edge technology, AI and 40 years of research!

Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa 

The line-up includes four deliciously indulgent chocolate 170g tablets crafted with visible inclusions, a range of 270g tablets and a sharing pouch 426g, perfect for moments with loved ones or indulging in “me moments” of self-care and enjoyment.


Nestlé Travel Retail Exclusive

Buy 2 Travel Retail Exclusive Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa 270g tablets and get a free KITKAT Senses 120g tablet. 
Only available for Red By Dufry members at London Heathrow Airport and London Gatwick Airport.

One per customer, whilst stocks last and collect. In-store only.  From June 1st 2024 to 30th of June

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A fragrance for the future

Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa.

Creamy smooth chocolate crafted with care.

Travel Retail Exclusive Brand

Nestlé Sustainably Sourced Cocoa - Does Good*. Tastes Great. – is a Travel Retail exclusive brand that heroes our passion for chocolate making since 1875.

Does Good* Tastes Great.

Responsible sourcing of cocoa through the Nestlé Cocoa Plan and in partnership with the Rainforest Alliance.